h&m blazer and chiffon shirt, wet seal jeans

If you go back at some of my posts, you will know that I'm african. From Guinea, West africa. In my country, there's a belief that if you wear red during a rain storm, lighting will come after you and will likely struck you. Not that it was raining on the day these pictures were taken. But looking back at them, I can't help but reminisce on the days when we were kids, we would run away from anyone who wore red when it was storming and now, how I would have been that person. LOL!!!


varsity neon

Urban Outfitters varsity jacket, Old navy oversized shirt, HollisterCo jeans, shoes from DSW

The temperature was semi descent yesterday that you didn't even have to wear a winter coat to go outside, but... you still needed light protection, so I took out my varsity jacket from urban outfitters that I bought a year ago when it was all the craze in my high school, HAHAH i miss high school, that's when everyone cared what they looked like to go to class. Now it's whatever you wake up in my college. 
And i was off to class, I switched my shoes off to my h&m black flats later because I was going to be late to class since I was taking these pictures and had to run :O. Don't worry I made it on time. 


strippe galore

charlotte russe dress, h&m stripped shirt, forever21 earrings, levity pumps

Wow its been a while. In blogging world, 10 days or so is a while. My lack of posting has to 100% do with exams and with those out of the way for a couple of weeks, I can get back to blogging regularly again.
Sooo this outfit. I did not think that i was gonna end up with this outfit on today because i hate matching but they all just seemed to look good in my eye so I ended up wearing it. For me I just have to be comfortable in something and i'm good to go....So yeah, I ended up looking really strippey today. It was awesome :)



h&m blazer, jcp flannel shirt, wet seal jeans, Levity pumps

So you kind of get the idea of what I was wearing today. It doesn't help that i'm now back at school and I don't have a photographer/cousin here and sometimes all the self-timer in the world doesn't cut it because I dont like how the pictures come out at times. Man, can I also get a photographer boyfriend like these professional bloggers? A full outfit shot is in the near future, promise.


Cold Spring

American Eagle coat; Kohls scarf; Charlotte Russe Shirt; Hollisterco Jeans, Toms shoes

Bright colors to lighten up a gloomy day was the mindset when putting this outfit together. Taken over spring break, which by the way I wish could've lasted a bit longer than the one week period.


In With The New

I got lucky over spring break when a trip to DSW with my cousin resulted in me being the owner of these magnificent pair of shoes. I love them so much. Already have so many outfit ideas in mind. Could not wait to share them with you guys. Do you love them as much as I do? 


Color on ma feet

  Kohls dress, H&M blazer, Wild Rose shoes, Forever 21 necklace

I cleaned up nice didn't I? My cousin let me borrow her shoes for the shoot and I already want to steal them from her.