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Is it just me or has the color green not become a reoccurring theme in the street style blogs? which is my cue to go get myself something green and a parka for the spring although it's old news now, I have yet to purchase one and i'm crushing so hard on my roommates' beautiful army green parka.



I usually am attracted to an outfit if I know I can create similar looks out of in my own closet without going out and buying something new just to resemble the particular outfit. so on my first edition of what inspires me at the moment, I present to you these looks that I've had save in my computer for a while, for those days where I feel totally uninspired.  
 Source: sartorialist
When I first came across this photo, the first thing i looked at was her varsity jacket, then the hoodie she's wearing, and the dressy pants....you would never expect this sort of pairing. but it works so perfectly
 source: denimblog
 Kate moss. Should I say more? But what I love about this outfit is the way she paired the turtle neck with a men's blazer
 source: Style.com, victoria Beckham spring-summer 2013
This whole collection was just amazing, but these two are some of my favorite looks.
source: style.com
I remember saving this look but i dont remember from what collection it is from and i'm too lazy to go back and check it. But the thing i love about it the tiny little denim jacket peaking out underneath the fitted blazer. it's genius and something I want to try soon.
The simplicity of the rest of the outfit and just letting the coat and shoes do the talking is genius 
I love her neutral look and just adding a slash of the drama with the leopard shoes.
This is something i see a really fashionable guy wearing and I love that about it. It's a man repeller outfit as leandra would say.
 source: style.com

On that term, I'll have an outfit post coming soon. Midterms have been swallowing me up alive, literally that I havent had time to do anything and I truly apologize. I go home today and will be taking a lot of pictures outside, which i havent done yet on the blog. Really excited about that and really cant wait to be back on regular schedule again and sleep alot. lol.  I'm also really happy to have people reading my blog and commenting, it's really nice of you guys and I really appreciate it.  Fashion has been a love of mine for a while and it's great to get positive feedback on something that i love so much, all it does is encourage me to keep doing this. Mercie beaucoup, readers!!!!

Till later :)


something cool

 Hussein Chalayan Fall/winter 2013 (source pretaportre)

Something I recently reblogged on my tumblr, which by the way you can follow me on to see what else i'm into other than putting outfits together. isn't it just amazing, wow!!! I think i'm in love with this guy.



Some detailed shots of things I love at the moment. Although the coat isn't mine. (I'm Wearing my sister's coat which I cant remember where she got ) I would love to own one like it. My Steve Madden wedges and target socks. This has become my favorite combo of the winter season. Basically you don't have to give up on your favorite pair of shoes just because of some little winter frightening. I have been looking some black knee high socks for sometime.(these beige ones are also knee high socks. All I did was pull them down). My black ones from last year magically disappeared  and my local target store has sold out of them. I've also browsed the net but can't seem to find ones like them. If you have any idea where I can get some for reasonable prices please let me know. I would really appreciate it. But for now hope you enjoy these photos. A real outfit post is coming soon. I've started school and the chaos has been begun hence the lack of it.

Till next time...


CSOC + a little story

The Chloe Sevegny for opening ceremony platformed boots. They're sold out at the moment because I wanted to tag them. They're a beauty aren't they? I want them sooo bad that I would PROBABLY and CONSIDERABLY sell my kidney for them. No joke!! That's how much I want them. My obsession with black shoes are becoming apparent more now than ever. I don't know what it is but I just cant get over how beautiful black seems to me and how my eyes always go directly towards black shoes when I walk in to store. I always have this thought that black is a great investment because they will go with anything in your closet. 
Anyways, did you guys hear about the east coast earthquake that happened on Tuesday. well here's the funny story behind mine. When it happened, I was in the shower and my mom, sister and cousin were chatting in my room. So when the shaking starred happening, they immediately all ran down the stairs and totally forgot about me in the shower.... I didn't even realized what had happened until after the shower when they informed  me. Of course I started rambling about why they didn't immediately let me know. I would have jumped out of that shower and ran out naked if that's what it took for my safety. (I can't image this) but hey in the heat of the moment you would do anything. But I cant believe my own mother forgot about me. I guess I now know the meaning behind " Everyone for themselves" lol :)


A pout


Opening Ceremony s/s lookbook

In love, no I would kill for this.


Two Things

Original Wayfarer Black / G-15 XLT

Two Things I really want right now..... The Ray ban Original Wayfarer and the American Apparel Two-toned Sweetheart Mint mini. I've wanted this dress since I first saw in on taghrid back in 2009. I thought I would get over it by now but I obviously didn't. Even so that I walk to downtown every week to see if they  still have it in the store. It's getting a little ridiculous