varsity neon

Urban Outfitters varsity jacket, Old navy oversized shirt, HollisterCo jeans, shoes from DSW

The temperature was semi descent yesterday that you didn't even have to wear a winter coat to go outside, but... you still needed light protection, so I took out my varsity jacket from urban outfitters that I bought a year ago when it was all the craze in my high school, HAHAH i miss high school, that's when everyone cared what they looked like to go to class. Now it's whatever you wake up in my college. 
And i was off to class, I switched my shoes off to my h&m black flats later because I was going to be late to class since I was taking these pictures and had to run :O. Don't worry I made it on time. 


  1. PERFECT outfit, you have a great style!! This is totally an outfit I'd love to wear !!!

  2. Amazing!! Love the pants! Hope you visit my blog!!

  3. love the varsity jacket look :)

  4. you look awesome! I really wanna try out the neon trend but don't think I can pull off neon pants like you though :(