Red eyes

Tank top: aj wright; Jeans/boots: jc Penney; Sunglasses: borrowed/ stolen from sis

Too hot to wear anything else but this. Even thought I had to be conscious minded because of the side boobs. My mind has been on all but blogging at the moment and I feel really bad. I know it's a commitment but as my parents put it, school comes first... Anyway to talk a bit about my personal life, People are shocked after realizing that I've never had a boyfriend at this age and here's how I put it. Don't do something you're not ready for. Right now my priorities are graduating High school and getting into a great college. I don't want any distractions along the way. Just because my friends do it doesn't mean I have to do it as well. It just means I'm different and not ready at the moment.
Anyways(I love this word) to leave you with a song that keeps my mind off stupid s***


  1. chic as always!!! love ur boots!

  2. Great attitude! you still have plenty of time to discover boyfriends ;)

  3. This is basically the perfect laidback, summer outfit. So chic and cool!

    Also, it's so refreshing to hear someone with your point of view on dating in high school! I remember there was so much pressure and it created such an atmosphere of self-consciousness... Props to you for realizing it's SO not worth it! =]

    xx Melina

    .but i like it.

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  5. So cute, I love your sunnies!



  6. agree with you on dating & higher education.

  7. Love it ! simple et beauty follow me I love yours ;)

  8. Great look! Love the pop of color in the sunglasses!

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  9. Rock chic! ;) Love this outfit!


  10. again, love the boots! :) i haven't got a pair, im still looking for the perfect one. amp. very nice outfit too! :)

    im following you now. :) hope you could visit my blog and follow back too! i would be grateful! :) thanks. :) looking forward to more posts! :)