My shirt says alcohol impairment chart

Urban Outfitters t-shirtMarshall Jeans; urban outfitters shoes

Came across these lovely pair of heels @ a recent trip to Urban outfitters and couldn't believe they were only 20 bucks. They only had a pair left and lucky enough they were in my size. I took them as fast as I could and even didn't want  to let go at the fitting room.... where I was immediately stopped by the lady there saying that shoes weren't aloud in. So I told her to guard her with her life while I try the clothes on which she nicely agreed to. At the checkout, I came across the most flamboyant sales person ever. She had blue hair and was dressed expressively to the 9 (I loved it!!!). I look up to these people as role models because in life you only live for yourself and shouldn't give a shit what anybody thinks.
On my next post, I have a great opportunity that came across to share with you guys. Stay tuned!!! :)


  1. love your pics, and what amazing shoes!!! great steal!