CSOC + a little story

The Chloe Sevegny for opening ceremony platformed boots. They're sold out at the moment because I wanted to tag them. They're a beauty aren't they? I want them sooo bad that I would PROBABLY and CONSIDERABLY sell my kidney for them. No joke!! That's how much I want them. My obsession with black shoes are becoming apparent more now than ever. I don't know what it is but I just cant get over how beautiful black seems to me and how my eyes always go directly towards black shoes when I walk in to store. I always have this thought that black is a great investment because they will go with anything in your closet. 
Anyways, did you guys hear about the east coast earthquake that happened on Tuesday. well here's the funny story behind mine. When it happened, I was in the shower and my mom, sister and cousin were chatting in my room. So when the shaking starred happening, they immediately all ran down the stairs and totally forgot about me in the shower.... I didn't even realized what had happened until after the shower when they informed  me. Of course I started rambling about why they didn't immediately let me know. I would have jumped out of that shower and ran out naked if that's what it took for my safety. (I can't image this) but hey in the heat of the moment you would do anything. But I cant believe my own mother forgot about me. I guess I now know the meaning behind " Everyone for themselves" lol :)

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