happy 1st

Happy Birthday Confetti
Today marks the 1st birthday of my blog and I couldn't be prouder. I stuck to something this long without giving up like I've done with everything else. I remember the day I decided to finally start this thing after a year of looking and admiring many blogs. I had just came from school and my cousin was over at my house and I told her if she could take a couple of pictures for me for the blog. she did and that was the beginning of it. To this day she's still the photographer and I love her for that. I remember that first click to publish post and 73 post later. yes 73 here we are. I also remember that first comment and how excited I was, now it's up to 1457. I'm so shocked. I just want to thank you for all the support and may this last a long time because I'm having alot of fun with it... To many more years.

I'm wearing an h&m skirt; JC Penney long sleeve skirt; trench coat from France; pink duchess shoes .


  1. Congratulations congratulations congratulations!
    First blogger birthday seems to be a great experience.

    See you :)

  2. Happy Birthday blog!!! Here's to many more! LOVE those oxfords :)


    P.S., don't forget to vote for me here!

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  4. yayy!! totally know how you feel! just passed the 1 year mark too :) heres to many more happy blogging years!! xx