Out and about

Forever21 shirt; Wet seal jeans; Pay Half cardigan; gifted boots

Photos taken at a recent trip to staples on a search for a graphing calculator that I needed for the SAT's that Saturday.  Afterwards went to best buy where the sales guys was looking at me in awe. "probably wondering why this skinny 12 year old looking girl is wearing 5 inch heels" but at least he offered to help. must have liked the shoes right?? I usually opt for comfort when I'm out and about but this was one of those days where i wanted to feel like as if i were in LA.(that's where people wear heels whenever right?)

Till next time.....


  1. You have a great great blog. Love the things you post and the latest post is one of my favourites! And I've actually been scrolling down your blog for the last 10 minutes.
    Follow each other? :)


  2. this was the cutest thing ever - I totally get the wanting to feel like you're in LA sometimes - I just say screw it and wear my heels with pride - and it takes guts because they make me well over 6 foot! muchos besos!