face time

For those of you who are regulars on my blog, you probably know that I'm not a big fan of makeup of any of that sort. I'm one of those people that feel her prettiest when she's fresh faced/makeup-less. What I consider makeup (for school or just on a daily basis ) is eyeliner, mascara and chap-stick. When it comes to chap-stick choices, I love blistex. I use it all the time, before bed, in the morning, all day in school. I hate lipgloss, it's just ewww!! I hate, hate it.
Back to this picture. I had alot of fun experimenting here. It was last Saturday and I was supposed to go to this party that was organized by my cousin. I ended up not going because my mom took too long to get ready. I was discouraged by the time she was finished. I was killing time taking photographs.(p.s. I do that alot!! no wonder my friends tell me that i'm really into myself)
I started off with a Fashion Fair oil free perfect finish Souffle Makeup to cover up all the little imperfection, have this birthmark that i hate on my cheek. After this, I added the fashion fair pressed powder to finish off. all of these not belonging to me by the way, they're my mom's.
My choice of eyeliner is any crayon liner, or a liquid eyeliner when I want to add a little personal touch. I used wetnwild H20 Proof
When it came to mascara, I used Maybeline lash stylish(just so you know, it's really hard to take it off once you put it on, it's almost like glue) But I use it because I love the little brush which looks like a comb that gets every single lash. I also sometimes dip just the brush into another mascara container when I don't want to go through all the fuss taking it off.
The final touch here is the the lipstick. the Revlon colorstay ultimate# 025 which I covered with a little lipgloss to add a little shine( don't I sound like a hypocrite now)

Hope you enjoy my little thing here. 


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