keep on dancing ;)

(A beautiful pot of flower we saw on our way. )
forever 21 skirt; h&m white top;  can't remember belt; urban outfitters shoes; Kohls necklace  

Taking blog pictures is a challenge with people starring wondering why you're dressed up and just clicking away. You definitely stand out in this world of casuals. Being from CT,it's as conservative as it gets here. teens with their hollister/ aeropostal t-shirts;converse sneakers. It definitely gets annoying and repetitive after awhile. And don't get me wrong, my converse are my to go to shoes for lazy days and school. But I definitely try not to blend whether that has to do with the way I act or dress. I try to be my own individual in that category. The only thing is I wish I can dress up to go to school everyday. I don't get that excitement anymore like I did in middle school which also came with missing the school bus every single day because I wasn't ready in time to get to the bus stop. If only the uniform rules weren't so enforced. Damn school officials!!!

Anyways,took these on my way to dunkin donuts which I never got around going to because it started to get a bit chilly and I didn't have any sweater with me...... definitely a thing to remember next time. But for now, enjoy the pictures. 

When I was getting ready today, my dad told me that I reminded him of Tina Turner
till next time..


  1. AMAZING SKIRT!!!!<3<3
    Definitely following you via google and bloglovin;)
    Hope You would like to follow mine;)


  2. ahh the skirt! i love it! it is very tina turner... meets cute little flapper girl.

  3. LOVE that fringe skirt!!! So fun!


  4. cute!!!!